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Indoor Inflatables

Some of our inflatables can fit inside your house. These units are great if it rains the day of your party and you have to move everything inside or during those cold winter days.

Our Small Movie Screen was custom designed to fit in your house. Standard ceiling height in homes is 8 feet, so we made this screen 7 feet tall so that you can use it inside. It’s large screen is great for showing movies. You can also hook up your TV and show the Football game on this screen. Wii, Xbox, and Playstation can also play on our screens. Have a dance party by playing Just Dance on the movie screen, or play a co-op game like Call of Duty.

We have many different carnival games that can be used inside, whether you’re having a church event, school festival, or you’re child’s birthday party. We have games ranging from the Clown Toss and Golf Challenge to the Football Toss and Soccer Kick and more. They’re quick and easy to set up, and they make a great addition to your event.

Our inflatable Twister completely redefines the game you thought you knew. This large 11′ X 12′ inflatable floor has giant colored dots to play on and a huge spinner board. Get all of your friends together to play this classic game in a brand new way.

Our concession machines are great party accessories. Having a movie night? Our Popcorn Machine will fill your house with the smell of movie theater popcorn, and it tastes like popcorn you get at the movies. Our Cotton Candy Machines make amazing sugar cotton candy just like you’d get at a carnival. Our Snow Cone Machines make delicious shaved ice snow cones, and you can purchase a variety of flavors. Our Pucker Powder has five flavors of sugar that the kids can put into their individual tubes. It’s like sand art that you can eat!

Our Laser Tag and Laser Mazes are great interactives for a large group of people. Our maze can fit inside a school gym or a large church building. People of all ages will enjoy running through the maze tagging others with their Laser Blasters. You can play team vs. team or every man for himself. No matter how you use it, your guests are sure to have a great time with this interactive.

No matter what the weather is like, you and your friends can still have a great party.

Giant Inflatable Movie Screen

Fall is here, and the weather in the evenings is perfect. Doesn’t it just make you want to have friends over to have a bonfire? Or maybe watch one of your favorite movies? Well, now you can with one of our outdoor inflatable movie screens!

Our screens are huge! Ranging in sizes of 7′ x 12′, 13′ x 20′, and 15′ x 25′, these screens are great for large movie night events. They can be seen clearly from far away, and our sound system is top notch to ensure that everyone can hear the movie loud and clear.

Our screens are great for more than just movies though. Excited about a big sport event? Get the guys together and watch the game on one of our screens. Do you have a favorite video game? Play your Wii or Xbox on our screens. What could be cooler than playing Halo, Call of Duty, or Just Dance on our giant screens? There are lots of things you can show on these outdoor inflatable screens. Be creative!

What would you like to show on an outdoor giant movie screen?


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