The Importance of Inspecting Inflatables after Rentals

It never ceases to amaze me when we receive an inflatable from a company who wants it repaired and when we open it up, it’s disgusting.

It’s moldy, it’s muddy, it’s smelly, and bugs are crawling out.

For some reason, most inflatable companies fail to properly inspect, clean, and sanitize their inflatables.

This is absurd for many reasons; I’ll address two.

1) It’s disgusting.

Why would a business owner let customers’ kids play on an inflatable they wouldn’t want their own kids playing on?

Many of these inflatable companies don’t have repeat customers (or as many repeat customers as they could have) because customers will not repeatedly rent disgusting inflatables.

2) If a company isn’t cleaning their inflatables, they’re most likely not inspecting their inflatables, and if they’re not inspecting their inflatables, there could be massive amounts of damage they have no idea about!

If the inflatables don’t yet have large amounts of (expensive to repair) damage, they will soon. And when it finally happens and an inflatable goes down and a customer gets angry, not only will the company most likely lose payment, they’ll also have to fork out a heavy check for the repair.

Inspecting units saves you money and earns you money, so if you’re not doing it, start.

If you need cleaner, we use an organic, really powerful, grease-busting cleaner. It’s only $15.15 for 16 oz of concentrate that makes 48 gallons. Or, you can get a ½ gallon of concentrate for only $48.80, and it makes 192 gallons.
If you find damage when inspecting, try one of our patch kits or repair kits. They come with everything you need for a quick, on the spot repair.

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